Career Development

Time Management

  • Course Duration1 Day
  • Theory40%
  • Tasks60%
  • AssesmentTest & Tasks
  • Test Duration30 minutes
  • LanguageEnglish

Managing time effectively is fundamental to success. It also factors into achieving balance in our lives. Today, we're busier than ever at work and at home. Having enough time for things that are important, things we want or need to do, or even to have enough time to devote to a special project, there just isn't enough time to go around.

This course offers a step-by-step format for achieving balance between your personal and professional lives.

As this course shows, managing time is not just about making lists. It's about everything that includes your daily routine. See how to stop wasting time on annoying situations. Learn to carve out more time for friends and family.


Student will be assessed by way of test, participation in classroom activities and completion of relevant tasks/exercises during the session. Learner has to score minimum 50% in theory and 60% in classroom activities to achieve this certificate.


Excellent Manager UK will issue certificate for those who successfully completed the course and assessment.

Course Duration

1 Day (includes assessment)

Course Timing

9:30 am to 5:00 pm

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  • Working professionals
  • Business personnel
  • College students
  • Job Seekers
By successfully completing this course, you will be able to:
  • Identify the need in your life for time management
  • Define and prioritise your values and beliefs
  • Develop goals and measure your success
  • Identify ways to prioritize ‘TO DO’ list
  • Make a good use of your waiting time
  • Learn how to say “No” for non-productive tasks