Mobile Mapping With GPS

  • Course Duration1 day
  • Theory20%
  • Tasks80%
  • AssessmentTest & Tasks
  • Test Duration30 minutes
  • LanguageEnglish

Urban & Regional Planners, Transportation Planners, Environmentalists, Civil & Mining Engineers, Landscape Architects, Geographers, Geologists, Wildlife Biologists, and anyone who have their feet on the ground. Business analysts who wish to study their data in the spatial sense can take advantage of geospatial findings that they cannot immediately see on tabular data also stand to benefit, eg in marketing and sales, banking customers on foot falls to ATMs and volumes transacted, location of competition, etc.

Pre-course requirements

Fundamental knowledge of survey at the college/polytechnic level. Aptitude to work long hours in field. A love for outdoor work. Working knowledge of Windows computer.


The participant is assessed at the end of the training for theoretical knowledge and practical skills-30 minutes theory test and 30 minutes practical test followed by viva voce. The theory test will be a mix of short answers and multiple choice questions.


Participants obtaining 50% in the aggregate of theory and test are provided with a certificate.

Participants obtaining 80% and above in both theory and practical are provided with a proficiency certificate.

Course Duration

1 Day (includes assessment)

Course Timing

9:00 am to 5:00 pm

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Positioning technology basics:

  • GNSS
  • Satellite Constellations
  • Segments – Space, User, Control
  • PDOP, SNR, Mask
  • Trilateration
  • Errors and their resolution
  • DGPS Concepts
  • Field Data Collection
  • GIS – GPS interface tools

Converting the field data to CAD/GIS format.

Budding surveyors, CAD Draughting personnel / Technician, and students of Civil Engineering, Geography, Geology, or people from other domains who wish to learn field based data capture with GPS/Android GPS Apps can benefit from this course.

Land Surveyor, CAD Technician, Forest surveyor – these people are the foundation to all data gathered at high precision from the ground. They capture real world data and make them available on maps.