Career Development

Resume/CV Writing

  • Course Duration1 Day
  • Theory40%
  • Tasks60%
  • AssessmentTest & Tasks
  • Test Duration30 minutes
  • LanguageEnglish

One of the most important and intimidating steps in the job search process is writing a good resume that gets the attention you want and need from the potential employer. Unfortunately, many job seekers get overwhelmed before they even get started. The result is poorly-written resumes that are built on top of templates that don't do the job seeker any good.

Today, Resume or Curriculum Vitae(CV) has to appeal to potential employers while also being optimized for the electronic age. Whether you are handing a resume over in person or are emailing an electronic copy to be added to an online database, the words you use and the formatting you choose will make a big difference.

This course teaches you not just what a resume should look like, but what it should say. It walks you step-by-step through the creation of the most common sections found on resumes in today's job market. In addition to helping you determine what information should be included, it also goes a step further to help you realize what pitfalls to avoid when creating this powerful job application tool.


Student will be assessed by way of test, participation in classroom activities and completion of relevant tasks/exercises during the session. Learner has to score minimum 50% in theory and 60% in classroom activities to achieve this certificate.


Excellent Manager UK will issue certificate for those who successfully completed the course and assessment.

Course Duration

1 Day (includes assessment)

Course Timing

9:30 am to 5:00 pm

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  • Students who are in his/her final year of engineering, art, science or equivalent degree level programme
  • Those who are freshly graduated and preparing for his/her job interviews
  • Candidates who are already employed and looking toward career shift with other employer(s)
  • Those who are bored of working for the same employer without any career progression
  • Those candidates who are not getting the required response to the resume from prospective employers.
By successfully completing this course, candidates will be able to:
  • Understand the purpose of a good Resume and its key elements
  • Different types of resumes that are particularly helpful to different roles of employment opportunity
  • Develop professional objective, educational and experience sections to reflect the personality to make the reader interested in to consider for the job role
  • Identify one's strengths to include positivity to match organisational objective
  • Create an impressive cover letter