Are you undertaking the course with SkillEdify for the first time? Are you a college graduate looking to shape your career? Are you employed with the aim to grow further? Are you a corporate client? If your answer is ‘Yes’ to any of the questions, we would strongly recommend you to register to become a member to avail discount upto 10% on the fee for the first course itself. Plus, we don’t want to stop there, so we would like to extend the membership discount for each course you do with us in future. All you have to quote is your membership number we assign at the time of your registration. Isn’t it a great way to maximise your benefit!!

As a member you can discuss with our team for payment options by instalments. You may also choose to receive information on webinars, send newsletters and current information in the areas of your interest to keep you up to date, which might help you stay ahead in the game!!

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SkillEdify is a professional educational institute offering courses in the field of Personality Development, Geo Informatics, Health & Safety, Incident Command System, ISO 45001, Management and Leadership. Aim of these extensive range of courses is to give an extra edge for the learners to move forward in their career. We has carefully chosen the areas of personal and organizational skill development courses that are essential for both learners and employers.

We have kept the learner in mind on each step of the way in designing, selection and delivery of the courses, so that learner can progress to the next higher level after successfully passing the qualification.